Обложка книги Advances in Qualitative Organization Research, Volume 2

Advances in Qualitative Organization Research, Volume 2


ISBN: 0762305061;
Издательство: Elsevier Science Ltd

Hardbound. This volume illustrates the breadth of questions and approaches that are amenable to qualitative research. The works have both theoretical relevance and pragmatic significance, holding important implications for organizational scholars and practitioners alike. Papers presented cover topics as varied as: examining how new institutions emerge and replace former ways of doing things; an insider/outsider approach to examine the emergence and spread of organization development activities in Boston's city government; an introduction of a methodology incorporating multidimensional scaling and repertory grid procedures to produce cognitive maps; conceptual distinction between justice and injustice; an examination of how representatives of several prominent US universities reacted to questions about hate speech policies implemented by their universities but banned by court order; linkages between leadership, organizational change, and managerial work

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