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Lyman D. Ketchum, Eric Trist, E. L. Trist

All Teams Are Not Created Equal: How Employee Empowerment Really Works

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ISBN: 080394652X
Издательство: Sage Publications
The authors of this book provide a comprehensive diagnosis of the increasing number of problems afflicting the performance of business and other institutions. These problems are defined as `people problems' - springing from the behaviour of those who manage as much as those who do the work. The traditional solutions - coercion, percentage staff reductions across the board, sharing of information, the `quick fix' - are examined and found wanting. Ketchum and Trist look beyond `people problems' tothe organization of work, and concentrate on the mismatch between the characteristics of people and the organizational characteristics of workplaces. From this point they propose their own model of organizational change, backed up
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