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Jerry W. Gilley, Ann Maycunich

Beyond the Learning Organization: Creating a Culture of Continuous Growth and Development Through State-Of-The-Art Human Resource Practices

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ISBN: 0738200735
Издательство: Perseus Books Group
The next step in organizational development, showing companies how to integrate all areas of human resource practice to drive continuous learning. Beyond the Learning Organization will help executives, managers, and human resource professionals put the concepts of the "developmental organization" into practice. Experts in the field of human resource and organizational development, Jerry W. Gilley and Ann Maycunich examine how the latest advances in HR principles and practices (including recruiting, training, planning, career development, performance management, job design, and compensation and benefits) can be integrated to drive corporate renewal and growth. Ultimately, they outline a process for creating an organizational environment that isable to address a wide variety of competitive and strategic challenges, adapt to internal and external changes, and recognize and reward employees at all levels for contributing to corporate goals.
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