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Brian K. Payne

Crime in the Home Health Care Field: Workplace Violence, Fraud, and Abuse

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ISBN: 0398074046
Издательство: Charles C. Thomas, Publisher Ltd
Over the past couple of decades, individuals have come to rely more on home health care visits for their health care needs. While there have been decreases in hospital stays and in the percentage of older persons living in nursing homes the consequence has been the emergence of a new type of occupational crime: home health care abuse. In considering offending in the home health care industry, it is important to focus on crimes by and against home health care professionals. This book is one of the first to fully address abuses occurring in the home health care industry. Its intent is not to suggest that home health care is a dangerous field for workers and consumers; rather, the intent is to shed some light on the types of misconduct found in home health care. Each chapter will include a wealth of examples to illustrate that these incidents actually are real, devastating, and significant. At the end of each chapter the reader will find a series of discussion questions designed to...
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