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Annie Bessot, Jim Ridgway

Education for Mathematics in the Workplace (Mathematics Education Library, Volume 24)

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ISBN: 0792366638
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Education must achieve a range of goals -- it must provide academic knowledge, knowledge and skills which young people need in order to enter the world of work, and must lay the foundations for lifelong learning. This timely volume brings together the ideas and research findings from experts in mathematical education around the world. It raises issues concerning the nature of school mathematics and mathematics at work, and the challenges of teaching valuable mathematics in school and providing appropriate training for a variety of careers. It offers lively commentaries on important `hot' topics -- transferring knowledge and skill across contexts; the concept of `authentic mathematics'; comparability of different types of assessment; and analyses of research methods which can be used to inform our understanding of all these issues. It will be of interest to everyone concerned with vocational education and with training, and everyone interested in cultural and cognitive...
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