Обложка книги Employee Surveys and Employee Survey Question Guidebook Package

Employee Surveys and Employee Survey Question Guidebook Package


ISBN: 0972494723;
Издательство: Performance Programs, Inc.

If you are responsible for your organization's next employee survey, what would 15 years of experience be worth to you? These new publications give you the benefit of those years. "Employee Surveys: Practical and Proven Methods, Samples, Examples" and its companion, "Employee Survey Question Guidebook" will save you thousands of dollars. "Employee Surveys: Practical and Proven Methods" is filled with examples from real-world surveys done by organizations of all sizes and types. It contains sample forms, agendas, letters and more, all of them from actual employee survey situations. This book is organized to follow the process from start to finish. It covers the unexpected moments you may not know how to manage. Whether you plan to "do it yourself" or you work with an outside vendor, this book will help you get the information, understand the results, communicate them effectively, and take meaningful action. In summary, it will help you make the most out of your survey efforts. The...

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