Обложка книги Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures

Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures

ISBN: 1929065000;
Издательство: Project Management Institute

"Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures" is the first book of a four-part series on policies and procedures. With an original printing date of 1998, this book has been updated to reflect current policy and procedure industry practices in 2002. This first book focuses on setting up a foundation for a system of policy and procedure documents whether printed or electronic. This book leads you step-by-step to the development of a system of documents and/or company manuals. Each step in the development process is detailed including: Researching, Writing, Reviewing, Approving, Publishing, Distributing, Training, and Revising. Two new chapters have been added for converting printed policies and procedures to an electronic format. A method ofwriting called the "Writing Format" is introduced in this book for both policy and procedure documents and it becomes the hallmark method of writing for each of the related three policy and procedure books. Examples for each section are...