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Bohdan O. Szuprowicz

Intranets and Groupware: Effective Communications for the Enterprise

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ISBN: 1566079667
Издательство: Computer Technology Research Corporation
This 242-page CTR report focuses on the collaborative computing and groupware applications from which enterprises may benefit most through intranet implementation. The report also discusses new tools and products designed by hardware and software vendorsto make the shift to intranet technology a reality. Intranet Implementation Concerns In the era of the interactive enterprise and the virtual organization, groupware technologies are critical in establishing effective communication between workgroups and enterprises. Lessons learned from the Internet and the Web are now being applied to private corporate intranets. Companies are rushing to apply Web technology internally as an effective alternative or addition to their groupware infrastructures. CTR's report, Intranets and Groupware: Effective Communications for the Enterprise, focuses on several important issues that corporate information systems (IS) managers must keep in mind when planning, developing, and implementing...