Обложка книги Just-In-Time for Operators (Shopfloor Series)

Just-In-Time for Operators (Shopfloor Series)

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ISBN: 1563271338;
Издательство: Productivity Press Inc

Are you ready to implement a just-in-time manufacturing program, but need some help orienting employees to the power of JIT? Here's a concise and practical guide to introduce equipment operators, assembly workers, and other frontline employees to the basic concepts, techniques, and benefits of just-in-time practices. Just-in-time manufacturing is an approach that can dramatically boost your company's competitiveness by eliminating waste from the production process. And although management determines the manufacturing approach, frontline operators and assembly people play a key role in making it happen. Included are discussions of elimination of process waste, leveled production and kanban systems, U-shaped cells and autonomation, standard work, and JIT support techniques. The just-in-time approach is simple and universal-it works in companies al over the world. Educating employees ensures their full participation and allows them to share their experiences and ideas more effectively....