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Constant D. Beugre

Managing Fairness in Organizations

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ISBN: 156720211X
Издательство: Quorum Books
The concept of organizational justice refers to perceptions of fairness within organizations. Justice as a social phenomenon has received a great deal of research attention from social psychologists. With new research on fairness in organizations, scholars in organizational behavior, industrial/organizational psychology, and managers are provided with practical orientations on how to create fair working environments. Although organizational fairness is not a panacea for managers, it can help boost employee morale and cooperation. Perceptions of unfairness have been related to negative attitudes and behaviors such as employee theft, lack of commitment, lawsuits, and recently aggressive behaviors in the workplace. Perceptions of fair treatment, on the other hand, have been related to positive outcomes such as employee commitment, trust, and cooperation that are conducive to organizational performance.
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