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Jerald Young, Jerald W Young

Me? Change? Not Now. Not Ever! How to Dissolve Hard-Core Resistance to Change in the Workplace

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ISBN: 0972501207
Издательство: Center for Stable Change
What do all leaders in all organizations in all industries ask repeatedly? (1)"Why aren?t my employees gung-ho about needed change projects?" and (2)"What can I do to get their commitment to support those projects?" These leaders? hopes fororganizational improvement are being held hostage by RESISTANCE TO CHANGE. Written in a conversational, information-packed style, peppered with real life examples, this book shows how to turn resistance into positive commitment & support. Why is This Book Long Overdue? ? 70% of all change projects fail. ? Why? Resistance to change. So say Fortune 500 execs. ? Most "solutions" increase, rather than decrease, the level of resistance to change. ? The conventional approach only treats resistance as a logical problem to be solved. It ignores the irrational, emotion-based aspect of resistance that must be dissolved. What is the solution to this problem? This book. Benefits for Business...