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Nathan Newman

Net Loss: Internet Prophets, Private Profits, and the Costs to Community

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ISBN: 0271022051
Издательство: Pennsylvania State University Press
"Nathan Newman has written a fascinating history of the Silicon Valley that chronicles the federal government?s leading role in creating, and then privatizing, the Internet. Net Loss not only dispels the myth that the Internet emerged full-blown as a result of entrepreneurial risk in a competitive marketplace, but also explains in depth how forces of globalization have undermined regional economies in California while reshaping social and political life in local communities. This groundbreaking bookis a must read for anyone concerned with the power of global corporations and the future of democratic governance."?Scott Bowman, California State University, Los Angeles "Net Loss is the perfect antidote for the confusion generated by the yearsof hype and the recent disillusionment surrounding the Internet economy. Nathan Newman offers a cogent and original analysis of what the Internet has really meant to the regional economy of the Silicon Valley as well as to other...
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