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George P. Huber, William H. Glick

Organizational Change and Redesign: Ideas and Insights for Improving Performance

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ISBN: 0195072855
Издательство: Oxford University Press
What are the root causes of the increasingly rapid rate of change in the business environment? What patterns exist in the ways environmental change leads to organizational change? Confronted with a state of continuously accelerating change, what should managers and organizational scientists do? Organizational Change and Redesign addresses these questions to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the relationships among environmental changes, organizational redesign, and performance. George Huber, William Glick, and some of the most respected authorities working in the field of organizational change provide specific new ideas and insights for improving managerial performance. This work draws on multi-year studies of dozens of organizations andon hundreds of interviews with top managers. It includes chapters formed as practical tutorials on how to think about and manage organizational change and redesign. A thoughtful analysis of fundamental issues and questions,...
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