Обложка книги Organizational Cultures: Types and Transformations

Organizational Cultures: Types and Transformations

ISBN: 0415082927;
Издательство: Routledge

This introductory text provides concise analyses of organizational cultures and the types of change they set in motion. The term ``culture'' is used in an original way to bring together and make sense of central issues in organizational behavior. The volume explores the way in which different forms of culture can influence styles of management, attitudes toward leadership, the level of motivation in the workplace and hidden agendas in group dynamics. It raises the important issue of whether there can be such a thing as a right design for an organization, and focuses on the growing numbers of international firms both in terms of internal structure and the context in which they function. Throughout, the author succeeds in weaving together issues of behavior and organization, reconciling the traditional rift between psychology and sociology in the field. International in scope, this book provides case studies from Europe, Africa and Asia.