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David G. Carnevale, David Carnevale Department of Human Relations at University of Oklahoma

Organizational Development in the Public Sector

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ISBN: 0813398398
Издательство: Westview Press
This text addresses the issue of change in organizations and the resistances and defensive behaviors that obstruct transformation. As a stand-alone treatment of Organizational Development (OD), this is an excellent supplement to traditional textbooksin the field and is a good addition to readings in organizational behavior and principles of management. Carnevale provides the essentials of OD and more through his strong handling of the field's underlying values and assumptions. Organizational Development in the Public Sector covers many of the standard OD topics like action research, group dynamics, and coverage of OD as a field of study. There is considerable treatment of change, resistance to change, and defensive conduct concerning transformation in organizations. Carnevale also explores conflict resolution, leadership issues, systems theory, public-private differences, process consultation, a brief history of modern management reform, group dynamics, trust, hierarchy, and...
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