Обложка книги Organizational Engineering: Management Is Out! Engineering Is in

Organizational Engineering: Management Is Out! Engineering Is in

ISBN: 0595306764;
Издательство: iUniverse

A deluge of experts and consultants has transformed the job of organizational management into a state of confusion. Yet it's not ivory tower academics, but real people who struggle to operate organizations. Trapped in this confusion, the working person lives with frustration. Competition and change are challenges that can be met only by a practical, understandable, field-proven process. Organizational Engineering is the result of forty years of observing, studying, structuring, operating and changing organizations. The author is a "grass-roots" organizer from the internals of large corporations. Through real life experience, complex management training has been simplified into a logical, people-powering system. Management is out, supplantedby Organizational Engineering . From one corporate executive: "You've taken the worst department in the plant and made it the best." Organizational Engineering is a guide for anyone trying to get something done. It...