Обложка книги Place to Space: Migrating to Ebusiness Models

Place to Space: Migrating to Ebusiness Models


ISBN: 157851245X; 9781578512454;
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press

As the second wave of the e-business revolution plays out, traditional firms--not ephemeral dot-coms--will do the hard work of making e-business both viable and profitable. But while established companies no longer question why they must migrate from traditional marketplace businesses to a combination of offline and online presence, most still struggle with how to do so. An indispensable e-business guidebook for established firms in all industries, Place to Space provides a simple but powerful strategic framework for analyzing, choosing, and implementing successful e-business enterprises. Based on several years of research and a detailed study of fifty online initiatives in a variety of traditional firms, authors Peter Weill and Michael R. Vitale describe eight atomic business models that they argue represent the core building blocks of all e-business ventures. Using powerful real-world case studies of international companies including Lonely...