Обложка книги Process Mapping : How to Reengineer Your Business Processes

Process Mapping : How to Reengineer Your Business Processes

ISBN: 0471132810; 9780471132813;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 288

A business organization, like a human body, is only as effective as its various processes. Pretty obvious, right? Yet, as V. Daniel Hunt demonstrates in this groundbreaking book, the failure to appreciate this obvious fact is the reason most reengineering schemes fail. Managers whose job it is to improve company performance, like physicians who work to improve patient health, must develop a clear picture of how each process fits into the overall organizational structure; how it ought to function; and howwell it is performing at any given moment; before they can form a diagnosis or devise a treatment strategy. Fortunately, a powerful new analytical tool that has emerged in recent years helps you to do all of that and much more. Developed at GeneralElectric, process mapping has been implemented in companies around the globe, and the results have been simply astonishing. Now find out how to make this breakthrough reengineering technology work for your organization in Process...

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