Обложка книги Race for the World: Strategies to Build a Great Global Firm

Race for the World: Strategies to Build a Great Global Firm

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ISBN: 087584846X;
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press

The rewards of building a great global firm at this moment in time are extraordinary. All the international ventures that have shaped the world economy to date, from the early spice trade to today's multinational corporations, amount to a pebble's ripple in a pond compared with the ocean of opportunity now opening to those ambitious enough to navigate its waters. The world's economy is integrating as never before, driven by the erosion of national borders, the increasing mobility of capital, and the escalating power of technology. As serious contenders accelerate their strategies to match the pace of globalization, the race to build a truly great global firm is on. Race for the World contends that standing still-or simply running in place-is not an option. This prophetic, timely book focuses on new and useful ways of thinking about strategy in the integrating world economy. What will it take to win in markets and industries that are fundamentally changing and evolving? The key...