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Mark C. Scott

Reinspiring the Corporation : The Seven Seminal Paths to Corporate Greatness

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ISBN: 047186370X, 9780471863700
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Job Spec: Construction of Cathedral in Chartres, North West France Dimensions: 34m high, 130m long Materials: 500,000 tonnes of limestone, 176 stained glass windows Style: Gothic Time Frame: 30 years Confronted with this project would you screw it up andbin it? Probably. Why? Because the task is too enormous? Because the goal is too hard to achieve? Because you could not get the people in your organization to buy into the idea? But, wouldn?t it be fabulous if you could achieve this, or its equivalent, in your place of business. How then could the construction of Chartres cathedral be achieved? Individuals working on a largely voluntary basis hauled and hammered stone, strained on pulleys, and mixed mortar to craft this monumental building. What drove them? A vision - the fulfilment of something in which they all consummately believed; something that validated the unrewarded toil; something they believed in fully. They call it Faith. What this achievement confirms is what is...