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Linda M. Frazier, Marvin L. Hage

Reproductive Hazards of the Workplace

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ISBN: 0471286982, 9780471286981
Издательство: Wiley
Reproductive Hazards of the Workplace Linda M. Frazier, MD, MPH Marvin L. Hage, MD In the face of rising medical costs, health care reform, intense media scrutiny, and the trend toward delayed pregnancies, the concern over on-the-job reproductive hazardsis at an all-time high. The need to develop effective strategies for protecting the reproductive health of employees?female and male?is more critical than ever. Reproductive Hazards of the Workplace is designed to help managers, primary care physicians, and health and safety professionals manage and prevent occupational reproductive risks. Like other entries in Van Nostrand Reinhold?s Hazards of the Workplace series, the book offers a wealth of valuable, up-to-date information plus expert-tested methodologies and advice for handling risk exposure. Reproductive Hazards of the Workplace begins by covering basic reproductive and developmental biology and fundamentals of risk assessment and reduction. It shows readers how to...
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