Обложка книги Restructuring the Manufacturing Process Applying the Matrix Method

Restructuring the Manufacturing Process Applying the Matrix Method

ISBN: 1574441213;
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press

Consider the possibility of a manufacturing method that can do all this:oreduce lead timeoincrease product diversityoproduce higher-quality productsoallow more competitive pricingoensure customer satisfactionoreach dominance in the global marketplaceThose are all part of the upside potential for the Matrix Manufacturing Method. Its promising premise: apply beneficial technology to all stages of the manufacturing process, leading to increased efficiency. Actually, the Matrix Manufacturing Method is far more than a mere promise; it's already become standard and successful practice at many companies.Details of the Matrix Manufacturing Method now make their first-ever appearance in Restructuring the Manufacturing Process: Applying the Matrix Method, describing this important new philosophy of manufacturing management-and practical ways to bring its concepts into reality.A pioneer of the Matrix Manufacturing Method, Halevi presents comprehensive and convincing details behind its rationale...