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John Mariotti

Smart Things to Know About Partnerships

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ISBN: 1841121126, 9781841121123
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Business partnerships have become more important than ever and in Smart Things to Know about Partnerships you will learn why and how to make partnerships work for you and how to avoid most of the traps that have caught some of your not-so-Smart predecessors. Smart Things to Know about Partnerships is a comprehensive but sharp guide to getting the most from strategic alliances. From choosing a partner in the first place to matching cultures, goals and aspirations and resources, and from dealing with conflict to building competitive advantage to access new markets, technologies and knowledge, Smart Things to Know about Partnerships is a unique guide to the power of collaboration. No one is good enough to success alone. Know when to seek help. Whoever chooses the best partners, wins! Trust is a must - and a two-way street. There has to be enough in it for both partners. No support from the top means no deal. Power is poison to...
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