Обложка книги Successful Reengineering (General Engineering)

Successful Reengineering (General Engineering)


ISBN: 0471286028; 9780471286028;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 336

"This book provides a much-needed focus on implementation ? clearly the most difficult aspect of reengineering." ?Thomas H. Davenport, Partner and Director of Research The Ernest & Young Center for Business Innovation "Successful Reengineering is an eminently practical handbook. Read it before embarking on a major reengineering effort to help avoid the pitfalls of the terrain." ?Robin L. Renn, Senior Vice President Quality and Reengineering American Express "Petrozzo and Stepper show how to translate the lofty concepts into actionable programs. They show how empowerment, teaming, and continuous improvement must all merge together when implementing reengineering. The book is must reading for any organization or individual who wants a hands-on, how-to understanding of the subject."?Earl Naumann, Author of Creating Customer Value