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Eberhardt Rechtin

Systems Architecting of Organizations: Why Eagles Can't Swim

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ISBN: 0849381401
Издательство: CRC Press
The most difficult questions facing organizations today do not have scientifically or mathematically provable solutions. Many answers that do exist depend upon time and circumstance. Systems Architecting of Organizations: Why Eagles Can't Swim tackles a very difficult dilemma: how do even highly respected organizations maintain their vaunted excellence, accommodate the new world of global communications, transportation, economics and multinational security, and still survive against stiff competition already in place? As they are finding out, depending upon the circumstances, the demands of excellence on the one hand, and of change on the other, can be cruelly irreconcilable. This book does not just describe business strengths and weaknesses. First, it identifies potential weaknesses, then offers guidelines and insights to address them. Its approach is architectural and heuristic. Second, this book is about maintaining success in a dynamic world, not about achieving it in a static...