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John O. Whitney

Taking Charge: Management Guide to Troubled Companies and Turnarounds

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ISBN: 1893122034
Издательство: Beard Books
Strained financial resources, demoralized executives, fearful employees, unhappy customers, tense bankers, angry investors, and competitors waiting to pounce--these are the classic challenges of turnarounds and troubled companies. "Taking Charge: Management Guide to Troubled Companies and Turnarounds" is a management survival guide that explores the dynamics of troubled companies from the perspective of a turnaround pro, providing a step-by-step plan for success that is punctuated with real-world examples. Topics include cash control, banking relationships, marketing risk control, leadership style, entrepreneurship, equity versus debt, and downsizing and reorganization--must reading not only for managers of troubled companies, but also for those in relatively stable companies anxious to avoid turnaround status.
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