Обложка книги Temps: The Many Faces of the Changing Workplace

Temps: The Many Faces of the Changing Workplace

ISBN: 0801486629;
Издательство: Cornell University Press

Now firmly established as fixtures of the American workplace, temporary employees comprise a much-discussed but still poorly understood segment of the labor force. In this consciousness-raising book, Jackie Krasas Rogers explores the realities of temporary work from the points of view of workers, agencies, and clients, focusing especially on issues of race, gender, power, and identity. Rogers investigates the situations of two very different kinds of temporary worker--lawyers and those in clerical settings--and finds contrasts and similarities between the two groups' reasons for seeking temporary work, the type of tasks performed, and the value attached to that labor. The goals of temporary workers can be at odds with the interests of the agencyand the client, the other players in the power triad of "temping." Where clerical workers often see temporary employment as a stepping stone to a permanent job, many find upward mobility more illusory than real. Because temporary...