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Charles J. Morris, Theodore J. St. Antoine

The Blue Eagle At Work: Reclaiming Democratic Rights In The American Workplace

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ISBN: 0801443172
Издательство: ILR Press
In The Blue Eagle at Work, Charles J. Morris, a renowned labor law scholar and preeminent authority on the National Labor Relations Act, uncovers a long-forgotten feature of that act that offers an exciting new approach to the revitalization of the American labor movement and the institution of collective bargaining. He convincingly demonstrates that in private-sector nonunion workplaces, the Act guarantees that employees have a viable right to engage in collective bargaining through a minority union on a members-only basis. As a result of this startling breakthrough, American labor relations may never again be the same. Morris?s underlying thesis is based on a meticulous analysis of statutory and decisional law and exhaustive historical research. Morris recounts the little-known history of union organizing and bargaining through members-only minority unions that prevailed widely both before and after passage of the 1935 Wagner Act. He explains how vintage language in the...
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