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Donna R. Neusch, Alan F. Siebenaler

The High Performance Enterprise : Reinventing the People Side of Your Business

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ISBN: 0471132837, 9780471132837
Издательство: Wiley
Год издания: 1998
Страниц: 320
"This book is written for the manager who wants to make their company more flexible, more competitive, more successful, and a more satisfying place to work—what we call the High Performance Enterprise. It explains how this kind of enterprise can becreated through two interrelated processes: one strategic and one people-oriented. . . . [U]ntil now, no books have simultaneously provided (1) a process for creating the High Performance Enterprise, and (2) a process for linking the people side of the company to the business strategy. Our goal is to do both, and to provide a model for tying both processes together. Whether you're skimming this book for a few good ideas or seeking a complete battle plan, we hope that you will find in these chapters the tools you need to change your company into a High Performance Enterprise." —from the Introduction In today's fast-paced, rapidly growing business environment, survival truly does depend on being the fittest. For companies,...