Обложка книги U.S. Foreign Policy: The Paradox of World Power

U.S. Foreign Policy: The Paradox of World Power

ISBN: 0872894665;
Издательство: CQ Press
Страниц: 494

The United States holds a paradoxical role: it is the world's lone super power, yet ironically, is limited by the same factors that facilitated its primacy. A sense of national exceptionalism, a diffusion of governmental powers, and an open civil society helped to create a global behemoth, though at times also restrict the government's freedom of action. Hook looks closely at this push and pull by focusing on institutions of power, both inside and outside of government. He concludes that these public and private spheres have become more fractured and contentious as the scope of U.S. foreign policy has broadened a serious problem if the nation is to speak effectively with one voice in international affairs. As Hook convincingly shows, the lines between domestic and foreign-policy concerns are increasingly blurred, the number and magnitude of security problems crossing national borders continues to increase, and more individuals and groups vie to be part of the policy process. U.S....

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