Обложка книги The Shape Shifters: Continuous Change for Competitive Advantage

The Shape Shifters: Continuous Change for Competitive Advantage

ISBN: 0471292540; 9780471292548;
Издательство: Wiley

The Shape Shifters Continuous Change For Competitive Advantage John L. Mariotti Only by developing a core that shifts constantly to deliver best value to customers will your company survive and succeed in the coming era of breathtaking change. In the pages of this revolutionary approach to building a "shape-shifting" company from the ground up, you?ll learn to: Get closer to your customers and develop a clear understanding of their mental picture of "value." Institute company-wide, integrated improvements ? not just piecemeal patches. Understand the difference between shape-shifting and popular trends such as reengineering. Develop "new partnerships" by combining teamwork, human insight, and new technologies. And much more! The day of the rigid, bureaucratic organization is waning, and a new day of learning and adapting is dawning. With the help of T## exciting new era! Mariotti?s new book focuses us on what matters most in business. growth...