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Daniel R. Tobin

Transformational Learning : Renewing Your Company Through Knowledge and Skills

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ISBN: 0471132896, 9780471132899
Издательство: Wiley
Год издания: 1996
Страниц: 284
In their headlong rush to transform themselves to meet the challenges of global competition, companies have invested millions in new technologies and grand reengineering schemes. In all too many cases, the outcomes have been smaller, disgruntled staffs and, from a competitive standpoint, business as usual, or worse. As Daniel R. Tobin demonstrates in this groundbreaking book, while technology may help to facilitate change, change always originates with people. That's why today's most successful businesses are those in which individuals at every level—from the mailroom to the executive suite—are committed to acquiring new knowledge and skills that will help their company win the battle for market share. While the concept of the learning organization is not new—it has been a major theme in corporate America ever since Peter Senge's 1990 classic The Fifth Discipline—until now, no single source provided the tools needed to translate that vision into everyday...