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Howard W. Oden

Transforming the Organization : A Social-Technical Approach

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ISBN: 1567202268
Издательство: Quorum Books
The rapidly increasing rate of world change demands not just incremental change that organizations have used in the past, but fast, radical alterations of their strategy, culture, structure, and processes. Nothing less than transformation will do, says Dr. Oden--a complex, continuing effort that may be closer to revolution than evolution. Oden lays it out in his customarily clear, programmatic way. He covers actions that must precede the initiation of a transformation; guidance on how to perform the technical, social, and behavioral tasks; and the actions required to wrap up and integrate everything into a complete, workably transformed organization. His book provides a clear goal for the transformation, an excellent description of transformational leadership, and a simple, powerful model of the process. The result is essential reading for upper management in private and public sector organizations and for their colleagues in the academic community.
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