Обложка книги Leadership by the Book : Tools to Transform Your Workplace

Leadership by the Book : Tools to Transform Your Workplace

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ISBN: 1578563089;
Издательство: WaterBrook Press
Страниц: 240

The idea here is to promote leadership in the workplace based on the examples set by Christ in the New Testament. The concept of servant-leadership makes sense in this context, for Jesus recruited his disciples to carry on his teachings in his absence, and his method was wildly successful. When the authors break down the approaches step-by-step, their presentation goes astray by trying to shoehorn a dramatic story around the solid business advice. Eventually, the authors figure out that business people are more likely to be affected by the methods of the servant-leadership approach than characters enjoying a barbecue at the lake, and there are some helpful charts and graphs tracing the development of the mostly practical business approach. Short and quick to read as it is, the book could have been more concise and could have relied more on the practical use of its methods.

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