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Lior Arussy

The Experience! How to Wow Your Customers and Create a Passionate Workplace

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ISBN: 1578203066
Издательство: CMP Books
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 128
An enlightening and entertaining fable that reveals how you can help to revolutionize your company by focusing on customers. Have you ever imagined what impact really great customer experiences can have on a business? Or have you ever been faced withtrying to fix the fallout from truly dissatisfied customers? This engaging book takes you on a trip starting with the depths of "call center hell," where customer dissatisfaction builds as rapidly as employee stress and turnover. From there the story takes you along for an up-and-down ride to uncover new and better ways of approaching customers and focusing on their concerns before all else. The Experience! follows the journey of Joseph Jacobs, a frustrated call center manager who is trying to deliver better service to customers despite a highly unmotivated staff. As he struggles to find his way, he discovers hidden secrets about delivering the most outrageously pleasing customer experiences by empowering his staff to be...