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Niclas Adler

Collaborative Research in Organizations : Foundations for Learning, Change, and Theoretical Development

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ISBN: 0761928634
Издательство: SAGE Publications
Год издания: 2003
Book Description "Adler, Shani , and Styhre , with contributions from many of the management researchers associated with the FENIX experiment, have documented the essence of collaborative research in organizations. The eighteen chapters in the book provide a window into the complexity of designing and managing collaborative research efforts in organizations . . . and present an approach that is worth reading about, reflecting upon, and exploring further. At Volvo Cars, this collaboration has been an added value to our practice." --From the foreword by Hans- Olov Olsson, CEO and President, Volvo Car Corporation "Through collaboration, we can deliver research outcomes not possible from solo or single team scholarship. . . . The experiments in collaborative research chronicled in this book are timely and important." ...