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Alan Larson

Demystifying Six Sigma: A Company-Wide Approach to Continuous Improvement

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ISBN: 0814471846, 9780814471845
Издательство: American Management Association
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionIs Six Sigma the exclusive domain of manufacturing and service operations, or can excellence be mandated (and achieved) throughout an entire organization? This refreshing book reveals how to apply the legendary quality assurance program across all departments and processes, creating a permanent, company-wide Six Sigma culture. Author Alan Larson, a Motorola veteran, has created a simple and practical Continuous Improvement model, and offers a strategy for managing the change to Six Sigma-driven operations and philosophy. Larson's approach is based on the seven key elements of Six Sigma: * Focus on customer satisfaction * Use of data and systems * Setting improvement goals * Team approach * Employee involvement * Defining roles * Personal growth Field-proven in organizations of all types, Larson's methodology can help any company make quality a real and viable strategic objective.