Обложка книги The Northern Lights: Organization Theory in Scandinavia

The Northern Lights: Organization Theory in Scandinavia

ISBN: 8763000997;
Издательство: Copenhagen Business School Press

Book DescriptionThis anthology contains samples of the most original Nordic research positioned against the general literature within a given theme in organization theory. The contributions originated in the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and are connected to their local context via their topics, approaches and writing styles. Each essay is a presentation of a much wider research tradition, and the interested readers can follow the references to many other publications in English. While the book is addressed primarily to undergraduate and graduate students of organizations, it is also intended as a voice in a transnational dialogue grounded in a locally embedded theorizing. The Nordic contribution to this dialogue is characterized by a deep interest in practice of organizing, expressed in a great number of field studies. The approach taken is process-oriented (as opposed to structure-oriented). Opposing universalizing tendencies, the...

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