Обложка книги Trapped: Modern-Day Slavery in the Brazilian Amazon

Trapped: Modern-Day Slavery in the Brazilian Amazon

ISBN: 1565491556;
Издательство: Kumarian Press

Book DescriptionThe illegal trade in people is surpassed only by that in drugs and arms. Trapped explores some of the life stories behind this scandal and tragedy by looking at one of the regions of the world where debt-bondage is still common ? theBrazilian Amazon. In huge ranches deep in the Amazon, migrant workers are enmeshed in a web of debt, deceit, and cruelty, caught up in an illegal trade in humans. Le Breton explores the lives of these workers, trapped in debt-slavery, and lets them tell their stories in their own words. Many have lost all contact with their families and hometowns; some have even forgotten their names. Le Breton also talks with those who benefit from this injustice, as well as those fighting against it, and offers suggestions on how it can be consigned to history. A vivid, highly readable book by a resident of Brazil who set off by bus and motorbike to trace for herself the links in this hidden trade and expose them to the world.

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