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Marc, Ph.D. McElhaney

Aggression In The Workplace: Preventing And Managing High-risk Behavior

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ISBN: 1418461962
Издательство: Authorhouse
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionViolence in the workplace has risen to "epidemic" proportions according to the Centers of Disease Control. In this volume, Dr. Marc McElhaney, a specialist in workplace violence, presents a comprehensive guide that no manager can do without when having to prepare for these potentially dangerous and often disruptive events. These are situations that often seem to explode in the workplace without warning, when in fact, they have often long incubated outside the manager?s awareness.Utilizing a risk management approach that focuses on the process of how these situations evolve, as opposed to an oversimplified presentation of "profiles", will provide the manager with the needed tools to prevent and effectively intervene, to ensure a safe and cost-effective resolution. This book takes a comprehensive view that covers the broad range of aggression control strategies that an organization can utilize, from the fundamental building blocks of a primary prevention...
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