Обложка книги Labour After Communism

Labour After Communism

ISBN: 1551642425;
Издательство: Black Rose Books

Book Description The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a period of steep economic decline, followed by economic reform, soaring inflation, corruption and crime. Despite the fact that unions were part of the State and that membership was obligatory, incorporating 98 percent of the labor force, millions of workers were not paid their wages. Based upon an abundance of first-hand material, Labour After Soviet Socialism examines the complex interplay of history, ideology, leadership, state policy and economics, to explain the difficulty workers have encountered in defending their interests. David Mandel, labor scholar and activist, teaches political science at the University of Quebec, Montreal. He is co-founder of the School for WorkerDemocracy, which conducts rank-and-file labor education in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.