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Dennis J. Kravetz

Measuring Human Capital: Converting Workplace Behavior into Dollars

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ISBN: 0927764067
Издательство: KAPublishing
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionMeasuring human behavior in the workplace has long been a difficult task. Converting human behavior measures into dollars has generally been limited to rare and specialized studies. In this book best-selling author Dennis Kravetz shows how anyone, by gathering easily available information, can set up metrics to measure human capital. Once established, these metrics enable individuals to calculate the dollar value of planned or completed people management changes. Measuring Human Capital is loaded with case studies that document the amount of money that can be gained by improving people management practices. Readers can see the dollar value, for example, of management coaching, reducing bureaucracy, and implementing better selection procedures. The dollars quickly get into the millions. In this book readers are provided with easy-to-use equations that enable them to calculate the dollar value of any human capital changes that they care to assess. Dennis...