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Keith Yamashita, Sandra Spataro

Unstuck: A Tool for Yourself, Your Team, and Your World

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Серия: Бизнес-бестселлер
ISBN: 1-59184-037-6, 5-699-09829-1
Издательство: Portfolio
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 192
Getting stuck is an integral part of business because the most ambitious and rewarding work is often the hardest to undertake. The challenge is knowing how to get unstuck. In this dynamic and pragmatic handbook, Keith Tamashita and Sandra Spataro share the insights, methods, stories and best practices of the extraordinary leaders they have worked with at business giants such as IBM, Sony, Disney and Nike. In immediately accessible terms they offer dozens of techniques, tools and examples to generate ideas whatever the situation. Unstuck is an innovation in business literature.