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Willie E. Hopkins

Aligning Organizational Subcultures For Competitive Advantage: A Strategic Change Approach (New Perspectives in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change)

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ISBN: 0465030939
Издательство: Basic Books
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionThere are countless books on the business shelf that focus on corporate culture, but their views are often too broad to address an organization's real needs. The subcultures within a company cannot be overlooked, and their disparities must be resolved for them to work together on a daily basis. For an organization to operate optimally, these subcultures must be aligned properly. Aligning Organizational Subcultures for Competitive Advantage takes a hard look at the subcultures within modern corporations, and demonstrates how reconciling differences among them produces a corporate culture that give organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Both a practical guide for managers and a valuable supplement for training in academic and organizational settings, this book focuses on the inner workings of organizational subcultures that can be aligned for purposes of achieving a mutually supportive corporate system. Aligning Organizational...
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