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James F. Chang

Business Process Management Systems: Strategy And Implementation

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ISBN: 084932310X
Издательство: Auerbach Publications
Год издания: 2005
Book Description Business Process Management Systems: Strategy and Implementation discusses business management practices and the technology that enables them. It analyzes the history of process management practices and proposes that BPM practices are a synthesis of BPR (radical change) and TQM (continuous change) practices. Both business and IT professionals receive an integrated view of how various management practices merge into BPM. This volume describes the many technologies that converge to form a Business Process Management System (BPMS), illustrating BPMS standards and service-oriented architecture (SOA). Exploring BPM implementation methodology, it discusses business management concepts, principles, and practices and the technology that enables these practices. The book reviews data integration, messaging-based integration, component-based integration, and workflow technologies, as well as highlights BPMS standards. It also illustrates types of business...
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