Обложка книги 25 Role Plays to Teach Negotiation, Volume 2

25 Role Plays to Teach Negotiation, Volume 2


ISBN: 0874257638;
Издательство: HRD PRESS, INC; Bk&CD-Rom edition
Страниц: 152

Updated with 25 new role plays not covered in the first volume, the latest edition of the popular 25 Role Plays to Teach Negotiation will inspire you to think and act like a negotiation expert. If you're a management training and development specialist who needs one or two role plays to use in a negotiation program, this book's a must. The book provides the opportunity to practice the behaviors used most frequently by successful negotiators -- including questioning, clarifying, checking for understanding, summarizing and active listening. Learn how to set the stage for negotiation in the first few minutes, clearly outline the issues, effectively use the rituals involved in negotiating, prevent deals from falling apart, and much more. You'll quickly and easily master all six steps of successful negotiating: planning, climate setting, issue identification, bargaining, settlement and review. Relax, have fun and put role-playing to work for you. Each of these role plays is based on...