Обложка книги Your Rights at Work

Your Rights at Work

ISBN: 1572485051;
Издательство: Sphinx Publishing

Book DescriptionThis book is designed to help the reader understand his or her employment rights as they apply to specific work situations. It opens with a section on Frequently Asked Questions about: inquiries that can be made during an interview; steps the employee can take after receiving an oral warning or being put on probation; and specific information regarding work as an independent contractor. It explains federal workplace laws-such as guaranteeing an employee's rights to be paid fairly andon time and to work in an environment without discrimination. It also addresses state regulations regarding such things as working in a smoke-free environment, your right to smoke, or whether an employee is entitled to time off from work to vote or to care for a sick child. Included in the text is a complete glossary of terms and appendices identifying public and private agencies and groups and organizations that specialize in workplace issues.

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