Обложка книги Energize Your Meetings With Laughter

Energize Your Meetings With Laughter

ISBN: 0871203154;
Издательство: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Deve

If you've ever been part of a dull, unproductive, go-nowhere meeting and wished you could do something about it, this book is for you. Here is a simple, down-to-earth guide for making meetings more productive by putting lighthearted humor and fun to work. Humor sparks creativity, the "stuff" of effective meetings. And like any other skill, humor can be nurtured and cultivated. Whether your meetings are for decision making or learning, whether you want to network or celebrate, whether you are a facilitator or a participant, use the positive power of humor to bring energy and productivity to both your large- or small-group gatherings. Sheila Feigelson presents time-tested, proven tips and techniques for energizing meetings. With vivid anecdotes andpractical examples, she shows how you can meaningfully and purposefully plan for laughter in any segment of your meeting: from arrivals, introductions, and agendas through reports, refreshments, and small-group discussions. She also...