Обложка книги Getting Together : Icebreakers and Group Energizers

Getting Together : Icebreakers and Group Energizers

ISBN: 0787903558; 9780787903558;
Издательство: Pfeiffer
Страниц: 176

These brief, interactive games and activities raise your participants' awareness and prepare them to learn something new. Designed to be fun and energizing, the activities help people overcome the initial anxiety common among new acquaintances or in group situations. This collection is conveniently divided into two categories: 1) icebreakers, which encourage mixing, and 2) group challenges, which energize and build team cohesion. Use these games to: Promote interaction Introduce your topic Ease anxieties regarding sensitive or emotional issues Form partnerships or teams during the session Help people feel comfortable with the environment, the topic to be discussed, and one another Gain control of a group Get meetingsstarted on a stimulating note Each game is presented in a concise and easy-to-follow format. You'll get details such as objectives, materials required, preparation, activity instructions, variations, discussion questions,...

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