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William R. Daniels

Group Power II: A Manager's Guide to Conducting Regular Meetings

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ISBN: 0883902362, 9780883902363
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
The weekly staff meeting is a problem for many managers. It seems necessary, yet it never seems to have much vitality. Members often show signs of reluctance to attend, boredom during the process and an eagerness to leave. If the manager cancels the meetings, people complain about poor communications. In fact, regular meetings are important to the health and vitality of your organization?s culture and capacity to deliver. The ability to lead them has been recognized as one of the critical skillsof effective management. For some managers these meetings promote clarity of purpose and teamwork. However, why they work for some managers and not others has not been widely understood. Until now. Group Power II provides sound direction on how to make these regular meetings useful and purposeful. By following the principles set out in this book, managers will find that their regular meetings become an event, a place of enthusiastic participation. These meetings will be a forum...
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